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Шутки на английском

На вывеске нет ошибки. Большинство наших гостей любят веселиться всю ночь напролёт.

Рад, что ты привела внуков, но они сидят на моём сломанном бедре.

Doctor: Please call a doctor immediately. I have a severe headache.
Nurse: You are a doctor yourself. Why do you need to call another doctor?
Doctor: Because my fees are too high.

※fees 治療費 - гонорар

Mother: Come on, Jack. Time waits for no man. Jack: Yes, it does, Mom.
Mother: What do you mean? Jack: Well, when Dad and I were walking back from
a zoo last Sunday and we passed the pub on the corner, he said to me,
“Wait here. I'll just stop a few minutes.”

※Time waits no man 時は待ってくれない - время никого не ждёт

On a beautiful day, Mother and Father Kangaroo took a walk, but every third
hop or so Baby Kangaroo popped out of his mother's pouch. Finally, Father
became impatient and said to his wife, “Why don't you tuck the little one
farther down into your pouch so he won't keep popping out?”“It isn't his
fault,” replied Mother Kangaroo. “I have the hiccups!”

※popped out 飛び出した - выпрыгивать
※pouch ( おなかの)袋 - сумка
※tuck 〜を押し込む - подоткнуть
※hiccups しゃっくり - икота

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