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Шутки на английском

"Да, можете проводить меня домой - муж любит подраться!"

A little boy came home from school and told his father he had been given a part in the school play.“Wonderful, I'm proud of you,”said the father.
“What part is it?”
“I'm going to be playing a man who's been married for twenty years,”the boy replied.
The father scowled and said,“Go back and tell your teacher you want a speaking part.”

※scowled 顔をしかめた - нахмурился
※speaking part せりふのある役(妻がしゃべり過ぎるので夫は口を挟む
余地がないということ)- роль со словами

Wife: You think so much about golf all the time, I bet you don't even remember when we got married. Husband: Of course I do, dear. It was the day I made a hole-in-one.

※I bet 〜 〜に違いない - спорим
hole-in-one - попадание в лунку с первого удара

Jack: Can I have a snack? Mother: How do you ask? Jack: May I have a snack?
Mother: What do you say? Jack: May I please have a snack?
Mother: No, it's too close to supper.

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