Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Комиксы и шутки про продажи

Чудесный бриллиант, но я говорил привлечь клиента, а не обручиться с ним.

Очевидно, наши покупатели недостаточно стараются!

Они мне не нужны, жена всё знает.

He is a born salesman. He sold me a piece of land that turned out
to be under water. When I went back to complain him about it, he
tried to sell me a motor boat.

※turned out 〜 〜だと判明した - оказалось

My mother-in-law was kidnapped yesterday.
We received a telephone call from the kidnappers saying that if
we didn't send them the ransom immediately, they would send her back.

※ransom 身代金 - выкуп

A father and his son were busily weeding a garden, and it was clear
that the son wasn't enjoying it. “I don't understand,” said his
father. “You used to ask if you could help all the time.”
“Yes,” said the son, “but that was before I was big enough to help.”

※(were) weeding 〜の草取りをしていた - пропалывать

A man taking his driving test was asked, “What would you do if you
saw a car ahead of you with the driver's arm protruding from the
window?”“Man or woman?” asked the applicant.

※protruding 突き出ている - высунутый

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