Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки на английском

Не могу не сказать: свадьба зимой позволяет сэкономить на конфетти.

Tom: My dog, Plato, is the smartest dog in the whole world.
Bob: What can he do?
Tom: He can play dead.
Bob: Prove it.
Tom: Play dead, Plato! Play dead, boy!
(But Plato just stands, wagging his tail.)
Bob: He's stupid. Look, he's just standing there.
Tom: That's why he's so smart. He's standing there because he knows
he's not dead.

※play dead:死んだふりをする - притвориться мёртвым
※Prove:証明 — доказывать
※wagging:〜 を振って - помахивая

“Mother, who’s the slender guy with the long hair at your wedding?”
asked Nina, looking through the wedding album.
“Oh, it's your dad,” said her mother.
“Is it?” retorted Nina. “Then who's the bald fat guy living with
you now?”

※slender:ほっそりした — худощавый
※retorted:鋭く言い返した — резко возразить

Some people think that my boss acts real stupid, but they're wrong.
He's not acting.

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