Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Комиксы про идеальных и шутки на английском

Мне нравятся женщины с изгибами.

Это мог бы быть Тот Самый?

Мне нравятся настоящие мужики, такие, чтобы корочку на бутерброде оставляли.

Nancy visited a computer dating agency to find an ideal man - tall,
blond and athletic.
He arrived - short, fat and bald.
“I’m very disappointed. I cannot trust your computer,” she complained.
“It’s not the computer. It’s the programmer.”
“And what does he look like?” she asked.
“Short, fat and bald.”

※athletic:たくましい - спортивного телосложения

A nervous old lady on a luxury cruise approached the captain one day
and asked, “Excuse me, captain, but do giant liners like this sink
very often?”
“No, Madam,” he replied. “Only once.”

※liners:船 - лайнер

An Australian boy was given a new boomerang for his 10th birthday.
The trouble was, he spent the rest of his life trying to throw the
old one away.

An American billionaire reported to police that his Mercedes had
gone out of control and smashed half a dozen cars before it could
be stopped. Fortunately, he added, the accident happened in his
own garage.

※billionaire:億万長者 - миллиардер
※half a dozen:6台の - полдюжины

A mother cat and her two kittens came face-to-face with a big dog.
While the kittens cowered, the mother cat let out a series of loud
barks, scaring the dog away.
Turning to her kittens, mother cat said,“You see how important it
is to know a second language.”

※came face-to-face with 〜:〜とばったり出会った - встретились лицом к лицу

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