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Шутки на английском

Отдел продаж - нажмите 1. Поддержка - нажмите 2. Если вам нужен тот, кому действительно не всё равно, позвоните маме.

A salesman has to be many things.
He must be a diplomat, a psychologist, a good speaker and, even more important, a good listener.
He must show a sincere interest in his product. But perhaps the most important thing a salesman must have is a repertoire of good jokes and ability to tell them. For, a salesman without a good collection of jokes has handcuffs on his order book.

※diplomat:外交官 - дипломат
※sincere interest:心からの関心 - искренний интерес
※repertoire:レパートリー - репертуар
※handcuffs:手錠 - наручники

There were eleven people hanging on to a rope that came down from a cliff. Ten were Irish, and one was a priest. They all decided that one person should get off because if they didn’t, then the rope would break and everyone would die.
No one could decide who should go, so finally the priest said, “I'll get off.”
After a self-sacrificing speech from the priest saying he would get off, all of the Irish people started clapping.

※cliff:崖 - утёс
※priest:神父 - священник
※self-sacrificing:自己犠牲的な - самопожертвование

After checking the license of the driver he’d stopped, the police officer commented: “It says here you’re supposed to be wearing glasses.”
“But officer,” said the motorist, “I have contacts.”
“I don’t care who you know,”snapped the officer. “You’re breaking the law.”

※license:免許証 - водительские права
※have contacts:「コンタクトレンズをしている」と
「顔が利く」という意味がある - носить контактные линзы и иметь связи
※snapped:きつく言い返した - говорить со злостью

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