Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки на английском

Мааам, все уже и так знают, что ты о нём думаешь!

A couple, just married, received among their wedding presents two tickets
to a very fine show, with the notation “Guess who” on the tickets.
They went to the play. When they returned, all of their wedding presents
were gone, and a note was left:“Now you know!”

※notation メモ。

There's so much crime in New York City that when you dial 911,
they put you on a waiting list.

※waiting list 順番待ちリスト - очередь, список ожидания

One teacher I had was a tough disciplinarian. If she had taught
King Kong in school, he could have turned out to be a nice gorilla.

※disciplinarian 厳格な人 - сторонник строгой дисциплины

A fortuneteller studied the hand of a young man and said, “You will
be poor and very unhappy until you are thirty-five years old.”
“After that, what will happen?”the young man asked.
“After that,” said the fortuneteller,“You'll be used to it.”

※fortuneteller 占い師 - гадалка
※studied 〜を観察した - рассмотреть

I went out to buy some camouflage clothing, but I couldn't find any.

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