Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Комиксы на английском про работу

Для начала мы можем предложить только две недели зимней спячки в год.

- Почему вы ушли с последнего места работы?
- Компания переехала, и мне не сказали, куда.

Плакат "Сотрудник месяца"
- Одно из преимуществ самозанятости.

Главное требование для этой работы - способность выживать без денег.

Personnel manager: How long did you work at your last place
of employment?
Applicant: 45 years.
Personnel manager: How old are you?
Applicant: 35.
Personnel manager: How could you have worked for 45 years when
you are only 35 years old?
Applicant: Overtime.

※Personnel manager - руководитель отдела кадров 

My grandmother keeps telling me that the early bird catches the
worm. If I get out of bed early in the morning, I want something
better for it than a worm.

※the early bird catches the worm 早起きは三文の得 - кто раньше встаёт, тому бог подаёт

Jack watched intently as his mother gently rubbed cold cream
on her face.
“Why are you doing that?” he asked eventually.
“To make myself beautiful,” she replied. A few minutes later, she
began removing the cream with a tissue.
“What's the matter?” asked Jack. “Giving up?”

※rubbed 〜を塗り込んだ - втирала (крем)
※cold cream コールドクリーム(肌の保湿やメイク落としに使わ
れる)- кольдкрем

A man walks up to the perfume counter of a department store and
asks for the most expensive bottle of perfume.
“A surprise gift for the wife?” the shop assistant asks, wrapping
the bottle.
“Yes,” the man replies, “she thinks she's getting tickets for
a cruise.”

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