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Слова из четырёх букв

Могу сказать тебе, Клара, что восхищаюсь твоим вкусом.

A wife is visiting her husband in a nursing home. He sneezes and,for the
first time in his life, covers his mouth with his hand. “I'm so proud of
you,” his wife says. “You finally learned to put your hand in front of
your mouth after all these years.”
“Of course!” her husband replies. “How else will I catch my teeth?”

※nursing home 老人ホーム - дом престарелых

Mark: How come you broke up with your girlfriend?
Jack: She started using four-letter words.
Mark: Like what?
Jack: Like “Find some work.”

※fourletter words 4文字語(通常は「汚い、ひわいな言葉」の意) в прямом смысле "слова из четырёх букв", в переносном - "ругательства"

John: Doctor, I'm going to get married to Carol next month.
Before that there's one thing I have to get off my chest.
Doctor: What's that?
John: The tattooed heart with the name “Karen” on it.

※tattooed 入れ墨の - татуировка

Tom: Your wife used to be terribly nervous. Now she is very
calm and collected. What happened?
Fred: The doctor told her that nervousness was a common symptom
of advancing age.

※collected 落ち着いた - спокойная, сосредоточенная
※advancing age 加齢 - зрелый возраст (старение, видимо)

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