Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки на английском про птиц

Не вмешивайся, он загружает ещё одну песню.

Первая шутка ассоциируется с моей поездкой. :)

Two birds who live in different parts of Tokyo decide to meet in
Ueno Park to spend the afternoon.
The first one flies to the pond where they are supposed to meet
and gets there a little early, so he waits.
And waits.
The time of their meeting passes,then another half hour.
Finally, the other bird shows up almost an hour late.
“What happened? I thought something happened to you!” the first bird says.
“I'm sorry I'm late,” says the second bird. “It was just
such a nice day, I decided to walk.”

※are supposed to 〜 〜するはずの - должны были

Следующую шутку не поняла, ваши догадки?

A baby bird fell out of its nest and went bumping through leaves
and branches toward the ground.
“Are you all right?” called out another bird from its nest in
the tree.
“So far,” said the baby bird.

Mary: How did your canary die?
Jack: Flu.
Mary: Don't be silly. Canaries don't die from the flu.
Jack: Mine did. He flew under a train.

※Flu インフルエンザ(発音が似ているflew「飛んだ」と掛けている)- ОРЗ, произносится как flew - летать в прошедшем времени

Two birds met. One was all frayed and beat up. The other asked,
“What happened to you?"
The frazzled one answered,“I got caught in a badminton game!”

※frayed ぼろぼろの - растрёпанная
※beat up くたびれた - побитая, видавшая виды
※frazzled 疲れ果てた - всклокоченная

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