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Шутки на английском про брак с переводом слов

Наша компания ориентирована на семейные ценности. Если от вас потребуется работать более 90 часов в неделю, мы пожертвуем 1500 долларов на ваш развод.

A man consulted his reverend about getting a divorce. The reverend
was surprised.
“Why on earth would you want to divorce such a lovely wife? She
is soft and gentle and, if I may say so, she is also quite beautiful
and nicely proportioned. I really can't see what you have to complain
The man took off his shoe. “See this shoe,” he said, showing it to
the reverend, “The leather is soft and gentle. It is a beautiful piece
of work and nicely proportioned.”
“Ah,” said the reverend, “a parable.”
“In a way, reverend,” replied the man. “I'm the only one who knows
it pinches.”

※reverend 牧師 - священник
※if I may say so こう言っては何ですが - если можно так выразиться
※parable 比喩 иносказание
※pinches 「(靴が)きつい」と「けちけちしている」の意味がある。- жмёт

Jessica: Tell me, Diana ... how did you manage to break your husband's
habit of staying out till all hours of the night?
Diana: Well, one night when he came home late, I called out, “Is that you,
Jack?” You see, my husband's name is Mark.

※until all hours 一晩中。- до рассвета

Paul came across his ex-girlfriend at a pub. “I'm not an accountant
anymore,” he tells her as they both sip their beer. “I actually
gave it all up to be a writer.”
“That's amazing,” she says. “Have you sold anything?”
“I sure have,” he says. “I sold my house, my car and my golf clubs.”

Humor is the lubricant, the oil that keeps the engine of marriage
from getting overheated.

※lubricant 潤滑油 - смазка
※overheated 過熱した - перегрев


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those
who prepare for it today.
- Malcolm X

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