Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки и комиксы про детей

Конечно, я знаю, что ему надо, когда он плачет. Ему нужна ты.

Давай попробуем постоянно вставать в 2 часа ночи, чтобы покормить кота. Если нам понравится, тогда и поговорим о детях.

Вот это хороший вариант. Означает: "Твоя жизнь будет адом, пока не удовлетворят все мои потребности".

The lady was walking her little poodle when it suddenly started to rain hard.
She picked up the puppy and put him inside her coat near her waist, allowing
the dog to stick out his head at her waistline.
At the corner, they waited for the light to change. Suddenly a young
Australian boy walked up, saw the puppy's head protruding and asked:
“Lady, are you a kangaroo?”

※stick out 〜 〜を出す - высунуть
※protruding 突き出ている - высунутый

A young father was walking through the park pushing his son in a
baby carriage. The child was crying at the top of his voice and try
as he might, his father could not calm him down. On the verge of
despair, he said, “Calm down,Paul, it'll be OK in the end.”
A middle-aged woman passing stopped to remark, “How nicely you
treat Paul. You are such a sweet man. It's very obvious that you
love your son very much.” The startled father replied, “Madam, I
am Paul. My son is Jack.”

※baby carriage ベビーカー - коляска
※at ... voice 声を限りに - во всю глотку
※On... of 〜 〜寸前で - на грани, на пределе
※startled 驚いた - поражённый

You know your child is growing up when it stops asking where it
came from and refuses to tell you where it’s going.

A child's tears are the most efficient waterpower in the world.
このひと口ジョークは、child をwoman に替えても使える。

A: Are you paid weekly?
B: Yes, very weakly.

Q: Who is the boss of the hankies?
A: The handker-chief.

※handker-chief  handkerchief(ハンカチ)とchief(上司)を掛けている - носовой платок и шеф платков
hanky - носовой платок (разговорное)

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