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Комиксы и шутки на английском

A grandfather presented his ten-year-old granddaughter with a doll for her birthday.
“Mommy, look at the lovely doll grandpa gave me!” she squealed.
“He's the best grandpa in the world. When I grow up I'm going to marry him!”
“I'm afraid you can't do that,honey,”said her mother. “You'd be marrying my father.”
“But, Mommy,” said the child,“you married mine!”

※squealed 歓声を上げた - визжать, вопить

My grandfather is wonderful for his age. He's 80 years old and hasn't a gray hair on his head. He's completely bald.

※for his age 年の割りに - для своего возраста
※gray hair 白髪 - седые волосы

A ten-year-old granddaughter was stuck on her math homework. “Grandma,” she pleaded,“could you help me with this?”
“I could,” replied her grandmother,“but it wouldn't be right, would it?”
“ I don't suppose it would,Grandma,” said the girl, “but have a shot at it anyway.”

※was stuck on 〜 〜に行き詰っていた - застрять
※pleaded 泣きついた - умолять
※have ... at 〜 〜をやってみる - попробовать свои силы

Proud grandfather: My granddaughter is the very image of me.
Bystander: That's too bad, but at least she's healthy.

※image of 〜 〜にうり二つ - копия

Husband: It must be time to get up, darling.
Wife: How do you know?
Husband: The baby's fallen asleep.

Q: What do waiters ask when playing tennis?
A: May I serve?

serve - обслужить, подать

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