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Платье русской княгини

Русское придворное платье (лиф, юбка и шлейф), ок. 1888 г.
Принадлежало княгине Марии Максимилиановне Романовской герцогине Лейхтенбергской, в замужестве принцессе Баденской (1841-1914).
Шёлковый бархат, муар, серебро, стразы, пайетки.
Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895)
The Indianapolis Museum of Art

Какая превосходная вышивка!

Imperial Russian court dress
Charles Frederick Worth, Designer (English, 1825-1895)
about 1888
silk velvet, silver lamé moiré, embroidered with clear glass crystals, silver sequins, silver foil, silver strips

Considered the father of French couture, Englishman Charles Frederick Worth opened his fashion house in Paris in 1858. A favorite of Empress Eugenie, he dressed the French aristocracy and was patronized by European royalty and international society.

This impressive court dress is composed of a silver moiré skirt and a luminous emerald green silk velvet boned bodice with a matching 12-foot train. It is trimmed with a band of luxurious silk fringe and velvet ruffles.

Великолепный шлейф

Взято из группы История моды.

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