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Комиксы и шутки на английском с переводом слов

Говорила по телефону? Почему вы так подумали?

Отлично, мой страховой агент. Только что писал вам смс.

Я же говорила, что капот нашей машины слишком длинный!

Customer: When I bought this car, you guaranteed that you would fix anything
that broke.
Car dealer: Yes, that's right.
Customer: Well, I need a new garage.

※guaranteed 〜 だと保証した - гарантировали

Jack was trying to teach his wife to drive. Suddenly she screamed,
“What do I do now? Here comes a utility pole.”

※utility pole  電柱 - столб ЛЭП

It was raining and the taxi's windshield was splattered with mud, making
it hard to see through it. The taxi had almost collided with another car
three times.
The passenger was beginning to wish that this driver hadn't picked him up.
“Don't you think you should wipe off the windshield?” he asked.
“Oh no,” said the driver with a smile. “That wouldn't do a bit of good.
I left my glasses at home.”

※was splattered with 〜 〜が飛び散った - забрызгано
※(had) collided with 〜 〜と衝突した - столкнуться
※do ... good 少しは役に立つ - приносить пользу

My friend is a mechanic. Once, he tried to make a new kind of car. He took
the engine from a Mercedes, the transmission from a BMW, the wheels from
a Ford and the exhaust from a Toyota.
“What did your friend get?”
“Seven years.”

※mechanic 機械工 - механик
※exhaust 排気装置 - выхлопная система

A traveling salesman asked the farmer why the train station was so far
from town. The farmer replied,“I guess because they wanted to put it
near the tracks.”

※tracks 線路 - рельсы

Q: What kind of driver doesn't need a license?
A: A screwdriver.

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