Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Кто хотел бы получить утюг на день рождения?

Хороший утюг. Вашей жене он понравится. Пока я его заворачиваю, возможно, вам следует пройти в спортивные товары и выбрать шлем.

After being away on business,Jack thought it would be nice to bring
his wife a little gift.
“How about some perfume?” he asked the cosmetics clerk. She showed
him a bottle costing $100. “That's a bit much,”said Jack, so she
returned with a smaller bottle for $50. “That's still quite a bit,”
Jack complained. Growing disgusted,the clerk brought out a tiny $20
bottle. “What I mean,”said Jack,“is I'd like to see something real
cheap.”So the clerk showed him his own reflection in a mirror.

※disgusted うんざりした - с отвращением
※cheap 「安い」の他に「けちな、せこい」という意味もある - дешёвый, жадный, прижимистый

I know the perfect gift for the man who lives in a big house and
has everything. It's a burglar alarm.

burglar alarm - охранная сигнализация

The parents gave their son a new car to celebrate his new job.
On the windshield was a card signed,“With all our love, Mama and Pauper.”

※windshield フロントガラス - ветровое стекло
※Pauper 貧乏人(papa と掛けている)- голодранец (ассоциируется с "папа")

Michael was late home from work one evening.
“I'm sure he's having an affair,”said his wife to her mother.
“Why do you always think the worst?” said the mother. “Maybe he's
just been in a car crash.”

Q: What unlocks a Turkish house?
A: A turkey.

Q: How do ducks dance?
A: Slow, slow, quack, quack, slow.

Q: When is the moon heaviest?
A: When it is full.

※quack ガーガー(アヒルなどの鳴き声)とquick(速い)を掛けている - кря-кря,  ассоциируется с quick (быстрый)

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