Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки на английском с переводом слов

Ваша оценка по химии недостаточно высока, чтобы носить такую причёску.
(Сразу вспомнила Эйнштейна, хотя он не химик).

Кейт, спасибо за смс, но в следующий раз можешь просто поднять руку.

Представь, что читаешь длинную смс-ку.

An English teacher told his students that when pronouncing a word beginning
with the letter “H”, they should ignore the “H”- as in hour, honor and
honest. One day when leaving for class, he left a note for his assistant:
“Please heat my rice for me.”
When the teacher returned to his office, his rice bowl was empty. He asked
the assistant, “Where is my food?”
The assistant replied, “You said I should heat the rice for you, but you
also instructed us to ignore the H.”

Teacher: Tom, everyone else wrote a three-page report on milk. Yours is only
one page.
Why is that?
Tom: I wrote about condensed milk.

※condensed milk 練乳(condensed は「短縮された」の意味もある)- концентрированное молоко

Asked to write an essay on water, Fred thought for a moment and then wrote,
“Water is a colorless liquid that turns dark when you wash it.”

Teacher: Jack, you talk a lot!
Jack: It's a family tradition.
Teacher: Tell me about your family.
Jack: Sir, my grandfather was a radio announcer. My father is a teacher.
Teacher: What about your mother?
Jack: She's a woman.

Q: What book contains more stirring pages than any other book?
A: A cookbook.

Q: Name a bus you can't drive.
A: A syllabus.

Q: What do you call a dad who sings and dances?
A: A pop star.

※stirring 「感動的な」と「かき混ぜる」の意味がある - размешивание и волнение
※syllabus シラバス、時間割 - расписание
※pop star ポップスター(pop は「パパ」の意味もある)поп-звезда (pop также в значении "папа")

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