Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Новые шутки

Хотела показать подарки, но Яндекс разбивает моё сердце, не давая пока загрузить фото, поэтому читайте новые шутки на английском.

Я тут прикинул, если 1% достаточно хорош для молока, почему бы ему не подойти для домашней работы? (в руках мамы табель успеваемости)

Mary's January report card was not as good as her December report card
had been. “What was the matter?” her mother asked. “Too much
excitement after the holidays?”
“Well,”said Mary, “you know how it is. Everything is marked down
after Christmas.”

※report card 成績表 - табель успеваемости
※is marked down 「成績が下がる」と「値引きされる」を掛けている - "ухудшилась успеваемость" и "снизились цены"

Jack approached the counter at which Christmas cards were being sold.
“Have you anything romantic?”he asked.
“Here's a lovely one,” replied the shop assistant. “To The Only
Girl I Ever Loved.”
“That's fine, I'll take five, please.”

※approached 〜 にやって来た - подошёл

Carol: Mum, how many more days until Christmas?
Mother: Not many. Why do you ask?
Carol: I just wondered if it's near enough for me to start being a
good girl.

Tom: I want to buy my girlfriend a Christmas present. What do you
think she would like?
Jim: Does she like you?
Tom: Oh, yes, I'm positive she likes me.
Jim: If she likes you, she'll like anything.

※positive 確かな - уверен

Q: What kind of onion likes to jump?
A: A spring onion.
※spring onion 新タマネギ(spring には「跳ねる」の意味もある)- зелёный лук
spring - прыгать

Q: What is the most common illness in birds?
A: Flu.

"flu" - грипп созвучно "flew" - летать

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