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Новые шутки на английском

Как няне, тебе будет легко поладить с Мэтью, только не поворачивайся к нему спиной.
(кто понял?)

Прекрасно! Ты уложила детей.

There are three kinds of apartment buildings in New York: going up, coming down, or fully rented.

The owner of a Fifth Avenue restaurant was asked why he didn't provide a parking lot for his customers.“If I had a parking lot,”he said,“I wouldn't need a restaurant.”

Unable to find a baby sitter, the young couple took their infant son to a Broadway theater. The usher warned them that, unless the baby remained silent, the management would refund their money and ask them to leave.
Near the end of the play, the husband nudged his wife and whispered: “What do you think of it?”
“Terrible,” she replied.
“Check,” he agreed. “Pinch the baby.”

※infant 幼い、赤ちゃんの - младенец
※usher 案内係 - капельдинер
※refund 〜 を返金する - возмещение
※nudged 〜 をひじでつついた - подтолкнуть локтем
※Check 了解 - согласен
※Pinch 〜をつねる - ущипнуть

Q: Why was the mother firefly unhappy?
A: Because her children weren't very bright.

Q: Why was the kid late to school every day?
A: The teacher said it was never too late to learn.

※firefly ホタル - светлячок
※bright - яркий и умный

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