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Новый комикс и шутки

Но, дорогая, разве ты не помнишь, как этим утром пожелала мне хорошо провести время в офисе?

“Tell me what you know about George Washington,”said the teacher.
“Well,” replied the student,“I know he wasn't too smart.”
“What makes you say that about the father of our country?”
“Well, I saw a picture of him crossing the Delaware, and everybody
knows it's not too smart to stand up in a rowboat.”

※rowboat こぎ舟 - гребная лодка

Jack was in Dr. Trump's office for his annual check-up.
“You won't live out the week,”cautioned the doctor, “if you don't
stop running around after women.”
“But Doctor, there is nothing the matter with me,” said Jack, pounding
his chest with his fist. “I'm in great physical shape.”
“Yes, I know,” replied Dr. Trump. “But one of the women is my wife.”

※live out 〜 〜を生き延びる - пережить
※in ... shape とても体調が良い - в форме

Patient: Doctor, can I get a second opinion?
Doctor: Of course you can. Come back tomorrow.

Lisa: Some people say I'm pretty,and some say I'm stupid.
Maria: I'd say a little of each - pretty stupid.

A married man who's having an affair not only learns to dress well
but quickly.

※(is) having an affair 浮気している - изменять
※dress well 身なりを整えている - хорошо одеваться

Q: Which game is the noisiest?
A: Tennis, because you can't play it without raising a racket.

※raising a racket 「ラケットを持ち上げる」と「ばか騒ぎをする」の意がある - поднять шум и поднять ракетку

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