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Шутки на английском про любовь

Kitty: I'm going out with Martin tonight.
Mother: Martin again? If you like his attention so much, why don't you
marry him?
Kitty: Because I like his attention.

Roger: Do you love me?
Jody: Of course I love you.
Roger: How long will you love me?
Jody: I will love you forever.
Roger: How long is forever?
Jody: About a week.

Ronald married Lucy because he wanted someone to cook and clean for him.
The problem is,Lucy married him for the same reason.

Getting married is like going to a restaurant with a friend.
You order what you want, then you see what your friend has
and wish you had ordered that.

Dentist: What kind of filling would you like in your tooth?
Little girl: Chocolate.

※filling 詰め物(女の子はお菓子などの「中身」の意味で使っている)

Tom: Mom, I learned five new letters today.
Mom: Oh, which ones?
Tom: F, L, U, N, K

※F, L, U, N, K flunk は「落第」の意。

Ted used to go out with a girl called Ruth. Then she left him,
so he became ruthless.

※ruthless 無慈悲な。

Q: What's served but never eaten?
A: A tennis ball

※(is) served 「(料理が)出される」と「(球技で)サーブを打つ」の意味

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