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Комикс и шутки на английском с переводом слов

Ваш звонок может быть прослушен в целях обучения, либо просто чтобы повеселить наших сотрудников.

Carol said to her father,“I just phoned Aunt Mary.”
“You couldn't have,” he said.
“You don't know her number.”
“Yes, I do,”said Carol defiantly,“and I did call her.”
The father continued to try to make her realize that she didn't
know her aunt's number, but equally Carol insisted that she had made
the call. Finally, he said to her, “OK then, if you called Aunt Mary,
what did she say?” “She told me I had the wrong number.”

※defiantly ふてくされて - дерзко
※insisted 〜だと言い張った - настаивала

The telephone rings.
“Hello, is this Jack?”
“This is Jack.”
“It doesn't sound like Jack.”
“Well, it's Jack.”
“You're sure?”
“Yes, I'm sure.”
“Okay. Jack, this is Paul. I need five hundred dollars right away.”
“I'll tell Jack when he gets in.”

※right away 今すぐに - тотчас же, немедленно

A: What did the big telephone say to the little telephone?
B: You're too young to be engaged. Why don't you give the ring back?

※be engaged 「婚約する」と「通話中」を掛けている - "быть помолвленным" и "телефонная линия занята"
※ring back 「指輪を返す」と「電話をかけ返す」を掛けている - "вернуть кольцо" и "перезвонить"

Teacher: What kind of bus crossed the ocean?
Jack: A bus is a land vehicle. It can't cross the ocean.
Teacher: No, the answer is Columbus.

※crossed 〜を渡った - пересёк
Есть автобус ColumBUS, а океан пересёк Колумб.

Q: What is the first thing elves learn?
A: The elf-abet.

※elves 小人 - эльфы

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