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Шутки на английском: на Бродвее

Как пройти к своему месту в театре (справа налево)
- Извините. (дальше мысли зрителей)
- Мне встать или остаться сидеть?
- Только не наступи на мою сумочку!
- Надеюсь, она повернется ко мне задом.
- Надеюсь, она повернётся лицом.
- Надеюсь, она не будет топтаться по ногам.


Jack: I just finished a long run on Broadway.

Karen: What play were you in?

Jack: Oh, I wasn't in any play. A mugger chased me for ten blocks.

※run「連続公演」の意味もある – два смысла: показ спектакля и пробег

※mugger 路上強盗 – уличный грабитель


An elderly man went to a dance hall on Broadway. A middle-aged woman

spotted him. With a few flutters of her eyelashes she got him on the

dance floor. As they danced, they exchanged bits of information about

their backgrounds. He was a widower, retired,with a large pension from

a company in which he still owned much stock, and the owner of a fancy


The woman listened, then said,“You seem exactly like my third husband.”

“Really? How many marriages have you had?”


※flutters ... eyelashes まばたき – подмигивать

※widower 妻を亡くした男性 – вдовец

※condo マンション – многоквартирный дом


Husband A: I'm worried - it's raining and my wife is downtown.

Husband B: Oh, she'll probably step inside some department store

to get out of the rain.

Husband A: That's just it.


Two dogs were walking down the street. One dog said, “Wait a

minute. I'll be right back.”

He crossed the street, sniffed a lamppost for a while, and then

walked back across the street.

The other dog asked, “What was that all about?”

“I was just checking my messages.”

※lamppost 街灯 – фонарный столб

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