Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки о страховании

Извините, но стресс, вызванный изучением вашей медицинской страховки, не покрывается ей.

(Кто может удачнее сформулировать? Welcome.)


A woman asked an insurance salesman,“Suppose I take out a policy on my

husband for three million dollars and he dies to morrow. What do I get?”

The salesman replied, “In this state, capital punishment.”

※Suppose もし〜だとして– предположим

※take out a policy (保険に)入る – получить страховой полис

※capital punishment 死刑 – смертный приговор (capital – капитал)


An insurance salesman was trying to persuade a man that he should

take out life insurance.

“Suppose your wife were to die,”he said, “What would you get?”

The man thought for a while,and then said, “Oh, a parrot, I think.

Then the house wouldn't seem so quiet.”


Since I got a big life insurance policy, when I leave the house my

wife keeps saying, “Take chances!”


A couple was having dinner at a fancy restaurant when suddenly the man

began to slide from his chair. Within seconds he was under the table.

“Madam,” said the waitress,“your husband is on the floor.”

“No,”she replied. “He just came through the door.”

※slide 滑り落ちる – соскользнуть


Man: Miss, would you go out with me tonight?

Woman: I don't go out with perfect strangers.

Man: I never said I was perfect.

※perfect strangers 赤の他人 – совершенно незнакомые люди (perfect – безупречный)


Q: Why did the electrician go to school?

A: To study current events.

※current events 時事問題(currentには「電流」の意味もある)- текущие события (current – эл. ток)

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