Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Комикс и шутки с переводом слов

Поздравляем, у вас мальчик!

Little Johnny asks his mother where children come from and she says,
“The doctor brings them.”Satisfied, Johnny goes out to play with
his friend Mark.
As they are playing, two beautiful girls walk by. Mark asks, “Who are
they?”Johnny says, “They're the doctor's kids. He always keeps the
best ones for himself.”

※walk by 通りかかる проходить

After receiving the bill from his dentist for having a tooth pulled,
the man called the dentist and said,“This bill is three times as much
as you usually charge.”
“I know,”said the dentist,“but you screamed so loud you scared two
other patients away.”

※scared 〜away 〜を怖がらせて立ち去らせた。отпугнуть

A wife was showing off her smart new pair of shoes. “It was very
generous of your husband to buy you such expensive shoes,”said a
“He had to,” said the wife. “I caught him kissing the maid.”
“How awful for you!” said the friend. “Did you fire her?”
“Certainly not! I still need the matching handbag.”

※generous 気前の良い щедрый
※matching そろいの подходящие

Middle age is when the narrow waist and broad mind begin to change

※change places 交代する、入れ替わる - поменяться местами

Q: What do cats drink on a hot day?
A: Mice tea.

Q: What is the king of the classroom?
A: The ruler.

※ruler 「定規」と「支配者」の意味がある。— линейка и правитель

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