Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Шутки на английском с переводом слов

Органическая еда
*без пестицидов

Конечно, она стоит дороже. Нам приходится давить насекомых руками!

Jack dropped by his girlfriend's house, and as he ran up the steps he was
confronted by her little brother.
“Hi, Tom.”
“Hi,” said Tom.
“Is your sister expecting me?”
“How do you know?”
“She's gone out.”

※was confronted by 〜 〜に出くわした - столкнулся с

A wife sent her husband and their son to the health food store with a
carefully prepared shopping list.
They returned with a bag full of organic tomatoes, lentils, wild rice,
tofu and veggie burgers - plus, a box of cookies.
The husband noticed his wife's glare when she pulled out the cookies.
So he said, “Hey, this box of cookies has one-third less sugar and fat
than usual.”
“How come?” asked the wife.
The son replied, “Because we ate one-third of the cookies on the way home.”

※lentils レンズ豆 - чечевица
※glare にらみ付ける視線 - пристально (сердито) смотреть

Asking a woman her age is like buying a used car. You know the odometer has
been turned back, but you don't know how far.

※odometer 走行距離計 - одометр

Mary: I went riding this morning.
Jack: Horseback?
Mary: Yes, we came back together.

※riding 乗馬 - ездить верхом
※Horseback 馬の背(Mary は〔Is the〕 horse back? と勘違いしている)
- "спина лошади" и "лошадь вернулась?"

Q: Which fish go to heaven when they die?
A: Angelfish.
Angelfish - рыба морской ангел

Q: What's the fastest vegetable?
A: A runner bean.

※runner bean サヤマメ - огненно-красная фасоль

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