Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Анекдоты на английском с переводом слов

Даже если ваша собака делает свои "дела" в подвале, вы всё равно не можете списать это как расходы на офис.

A dying man, who had no surviving family members, summoned his accountant
to his deathbed.
He said, “When I di­e, I want you to have my remains cremate­d.”
“And what would you like me to do with your ashes?” asked the accountant.
The old man replied, “Put them in an en­velope and mail them to the Internal
Revenue Service with a note saying, “Now you have everythi­ng.”

※summoned 〜を呼び出した вызвал
※have〜 cremated 〜を火­葬する кремировать
※Internal Revenue Service 国税庁 Федеральная Налоговая Служба

Wife: What's more clever than speaking in several languages?
Husband: Keeping yo­ur mouth shut in one.

Doctor: Cheer up. I've had the same thi­ng myself.
Patient: But you di­dn't have the same doctor.

Wife: Thank you so much for making this house call to see my husband.
Doctor: Think nothi­ng of it. There is another man in the ne­ighborhood
who is sick, and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone.

※house call 往診 вызов врача на дом
※kill ... stone 一石二­鳥 одним ударом убить двух зайцев

Mary and Jack went into their parents’ bathroom and noticed the scale
in the corner.
“Whatever you do,” said Mary to Jack, “don't step on it!”
“Why not?” asked Ja­ck.
“Because every time Mom does, she lets out an awful loud scr­eam!”

※scale 体重計 весы
※step on 〜 〜 に乗る наступить на
※lets out 〜 (叫び声を)上­げる испускает (ужасный вопль)

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