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Шутки и комикс с переводом слов

Как современные птицы тренируют детей.

A student studied very hard for a course on birds. On the day of the final,
he was stunned when the teacher told the students that their task was to
identify 20 birds by viewing pictures of only their legs.
Although the student had prepared well for the exam, he hadn't studied
anything about legs. He was frustrated and got up to leave.
“Just a moment,” the teacher said, “What is your name?”
The student pulled up his pant legs and said, “Guess!”

※final 期末試験 - выпускной экзамен
※stunned がくぜんとした - ошеломлён
※identify 〜を識別する - опознать, определить

A sign at the top of a high moun tain: Be careful not to fall. It's dangerous.
But if you do fall,remember to look to the left. You get a wonderful view on
that side.

※sign 看板 - табличка

A middle-aged man walks into a bar. There's a beautiful woman sitting at the
bar, and they sit together and talk over a glass of wine.
She leans over and says, “I want you to make me feel like a real woman.”
He suddenly takes off his jacket and shirt and says, “I need these ironed.”

※talk over 〜 〜を飲みながら話をする - поговорить
※leans over 体を寄せる - наклонилась
※real woman 真の女 - настоящая женщина
※ironed アイロンをかけた - погладить

The New Japanese Food Diet:
Eat miso soup with chopsticks. If you put on weight, use only one chopstick.

※put on weight 太る - поправиться

Q: What's your favorite type of present?
A: Another one.

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