Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Комикс и шутки на английском с переводом слов

Пап, попробуй угадать, что ты почти получил на ужин?

A young woman, looking worn and weary, got on a crowded bus with a pair of ice skates slung over her shoulder.
As the bus started up, a young man offered her his seat.
“No, thank you,” she said. “I've been sitting most of the morning.”

※worn and weary 疲労困憊している - уставшая, утомлённая
※slung ... shoulder 肩からつり下げて - свисали с плеча

Son: I can't go to school today,Mum.
Mother: Why not?
Son: I don't feel well.
Mother: Where don't you feel well?
Son: In school.

A pilot coming in to land at the airport asks the air traffic controller
if he has permission to land.
The controller says, “Sure, but tell me your height and position.”
The pilot replies, “ I'm 180 centimeters and I'm sitting at the front of the plane.”

※air traffic controller 航空交通管制官 - авиадиспетчер
※permission to land 着陸許可 - разрешение на посадку
※height 高度、身長 - высота, рост

A wife whose husband hasn't come home at a very late hour sends an email to seven of his friends, all of them with the same question:“Is my husband staying with you?”
The next day she received seven replies and all of his friends answered, “Yes, your husband stayed over here last night.”

※stayed over ~ ~に泊まった - ночевал

Mrs. A: Can your husband cook?
Mrs. B: Let's just say that yesterday he burned the salad.

※burned ~を焦がした - сжёг

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