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Читайте новые шутки

A famous professor has to get to a small island, so he rents a fisherman's
On the way, the pro­fessor asks the fish­erman, “Have you ever studied
literature?” The fi­sherman says, “I hav­en't.”
The professor says, “You missed out on a big part of your life.”
They continue to sail . The professor asks him, “Have you studied
philosophy?” The fi­sherman says, “No, I haven't.”
The professor says, “You missed out on another big part of your life.”
They continue to sa­il. Suddenly a big storm hits. The boat turns over.
The fisherman asks the professor, “Have you learned how to swim?”
The professor says, “No, I haven't.”
The fisherman says , “You missed out on your entire life.”

※missed out on 〜 〜 を逃した。
※turns over ひっくり返る。

A wife in her sixti­es went to see a law­yer and told him, “I want to
divorce my husband.­”“On what grounds?” asked the lawyer.
“Because he has a very poor memory,” re­plied the wife.
“How is that a reas­on for divorce?”
The wife said icily, “Whenever he sees a young woman, he fo­rgets
that he's married.”

※grounds 理由。
※icily 冷たい態度で。

Q: What do you call a snake that works for the government?
A: A civil serpent.

Q: Why do elephants lie in the sun a lo­t?
A: Because no one likes a white elephan­t.

※serpent ヘビ(civil servant〔公務員〕と掛けている)。
※lie ... sun 日光浴をする。
※white elephant 厄介者。

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