Olga (nihon81) wrote,

Комикс и шутки с переводом слов

Помогите, я теряюсь. Как сохранить в переводе игру слов?
deliveries - "роды" и "поставки"

"Ни в одном бизнесе нет поставок по воскресеньям!"

A young businessman had just started his own firm. He had leased a beautiful
office and had it furnished with expensive antiques.
Sitting behind his desk, he saw a man come into the office. Wishing to appear
busy, the businessman picked up the phone and started to pretend he was working
on a big deal.
Finally, he hung up and asked the visitor, “May I help you?”
“Sure,” the man said. “I've come to hook up your phone!”

※had leased 〜 を借りた - арендовать
※had 〜 furnished with … 〜 に… を置いた - оборудованный
※hook up 〜 〜を接続する - подключить (телефон)

In a small town where there was no weather bureau, a man called
a local radio station to check on the weather.
“I'm sorry,” said the disc jockey who answered, “I can't give you
the latest weather report right now. Our rain gauge is outside and
I can't go out and check it because it's pouring with rain.”

※weather bureau 気象庁 - метеобюро
※rain gauge 雨量計 - дождемер

The young lady was trying to be nice to the dullest date she'd ever
had, saying, “No, I can't go out with you Friday night. I'm expecting
a severe headache!”

※dullest 最もさえない - скучнейшее
severe headache - сильная головная боль

Jack: I took a course called “How to Improve Your Concentration.”
Karen: Did you learn anything?
Jack: I'm sorry, did you just say something?

concentration - сосредоточенность

Q: What did the buffalo say to his son when he left on a journey?
A: Bison.

※Bison Bye, sonと掛けている。

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